About Us

Howlin' Coyote Motorcycle Campground 

We relocated to this beautiful area in the province of Alberta and have opened Howlin' Coyote Motorcycle Camground just for you to enjoy. This campground is unique because our vision was to create a campground exclusively for motorcyclists. Having travelled across Canada on our motorcycle we came to the realization that such a place is virtually non-existant in our great country. The only other similar locations for motorcyclists that we are aware of are located in British Columbia. We thought why not build one in Alberta - so we did!

We are located in the Smoky Lake County, in an ideal location to set up and relax or  tour  from here to anywhere in northeastern Alberta. 

We are in close proximity to beautiful lakes and unique tourist attractions. There are several tourist sites that are well worth visiting - ask us about the motorcycle friendly businesses in our area!

Return to the campground for the evening and enjoy the peace and quiet (except for the Howlin' Coyotes) at your private site or enjoy the commaradarie of fellow motorcyclists at the shelter.

 Reservations or questions contact LC or Dianne @ 780-656-5764 or 780-646-6382
Email: howlincoyote@mcsnet.ca


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